Short Sales

Short Sales

Is a Short Sale right for me?

The team of experience agents at Stellar Realty & Consulting Group are focused and dedicated to assisting you through the process of completing your Short Sale.

We believe in committing to our clients and ensuring that they receive all the support they need through these tough economic times and especially when faced with tough decisions about their real estate. We know better than anyone what it means to sell and sell fast!

  • Need to Relocate but need to sell your home?
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with your mortgage payments?

Note: Regardless of the situation that has influenced your decision to consider requesting a short sale, our team at Stellar Realty & Consulting Group can help!

Also, keep in mind that short sales most times happen when a seller can’t afford to make their payments and is nearing foreclosure or bankruptcy but is NOT the only reason for a short sale; you can request a short sale even if you are not behind on your mortgage.

Come in or call us today to discuss your options and a friendly, supportive member of our team will work with you to get through this process by providing the following:

  • One on One consultation that is geared towards your individual needs.
  • Complete follow up and support from day one through closing as needed.
  • Always available to assist and guide youÂ…

In most cases, a Short Sale can leave you much better off than the alternative of foreclosure and bankruptcy.

In the News:

“The increase in short sales of properties that have not even started the foreclosure process indicates that lenders are moving further upstream to deal with their distressed inventory, thereby avoiding the increasingly complex and lengthy foreclosure process altogether.”

Short sales took an average of 319 days to sell after starting the foreclosure process, up from 306 days in the previous quarter and 245 days in the second quarter of 2011. It took an average of 195 days for REOs to sell after completing the foreclosure process, up from 178 days in both the first quarter and a year earlier. Pre-foreclosure sales increased on a year-over-year basis in 16 states, including Michigan (42 percent increase), Illinois (35 percent increase), Connecticut (27 percent increase) and Massachusetts (27 percent increase).

Remember that this is a complex process and you should always seek the help of a professional when considering a short sale and The Stellar Realty Team has had exceptional expertise in this area.