Trying to do it on your own

Though it may seem practical for some, managing your own properties will cost you more time, more money, and more stress than if you contract the services of a professional. Tenants will simply wear you out. If it is not the numerous excuses on why they can’t pay on time, it is them attempting to explain why you should take care of them. Once you take the leap of faith to explore property management, don’t stop there; go all the way. We are here to meet and exceed all of your management needs. A good property manager will develop a systematic approach to managing yourproperties. All emotion is out the door, and systems are put in place to ensure that your investment is maximized and your expenses are minimized. Be sure to perform due diligence when seeking out a management company. With the wave of rentals here in the Detroit market, there are many imposters pretending to be property managers when in fact they are simply Realtors who are looking for extra income or even worse- someone with a bright idea. Stellar Properties & Management Group is a full service, licensed and insured professional Property Management Company. We have the skill and expertise to manage the most sophisticated and exclusive property, right down to a starter home.

Don’t be fooled and disappointed by part time rent collectors; we want to provide you with a “Stellar” property Experience.